Tumblr, please do not terminate me. I mean no harm to anyone. I am here for myself to share my feelings about my eating disorder and constant struggles. This blog helps me survive, not sabotage. I'm just another girl chasing to find who she is and where she is supposed to be. Don't give me your hate. I do not glorify or promote eating disorders or self-harm of any kind. I'm not pro anything.

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Hi, I'm looking at your tumblr and I'm kind of surprised of it. I mean, you're quite pretty and especially emotional girl, don't you have anyone who'd like to help you? It's always better to share own problems with anyone who wants to listen to. Anyway, I wish I could meet you but that distance... Good luck anyway, hope that one day you'll be fine.


I would like to meet you too. I’m getting now professional help. I mean- I have therapy with psychologist. She tries to help me with getting out fom my ED, depression and anxiety. It really did good for me, I’m much happier, but I still want to lose weight, and I’m losing it and gaing and so on…

I’ve also met a girl- I will post our picture here. She is mine, and I’m hers. She shows me a new world. I love her.

Thanks for message. If you want, you can PM me and leave me some kind of contact if you like :)

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